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We are committed to making sure that our funeral home partners succeed in their marketplace. We have built strong relationships with funeral home owners base on the premise that We Don't Focus on Output. We Focus on OUTCOME. What happens in the marketplace is what determines our success or failure because that determines the success or failure of our funeral home partners.

Best Ideas

Image is everything. Your efforts and ability to influence public perception is the very definition of public relations. What you communicate visually and verbally to your community is a major component of the ValMark brand affiliation strategy. Our powerhouse brands create a buzz that will build enthusiasm for your funeral home among people who have influence and persuade others.

Best Solutions

Our comprehensive marketing & public relations programs deliver YOUR brand value message to the community. They tell the community what they can expect from your funeral home by delivering a differentiating message. When you successfully differentiate your funeral home from the others you can make the transition from being just another choice, to being the ONLY CHOICE.

Best Results

ValMark bolsters your brand, enhances your existing attributes, increases your visibility and strenghtens your funeral home's position. We increase funeral home volume through organic growth of your core business: Funeral & Cremation Services & Merchandise. Funeral homes nationwide have gained a distinct advantage by outsmarting their competition and getting to the consumer first.